Our Hass avocados are grown in Peru, where conditions allow us to export high quality avocados from March to September.

The presentation is 4Kg box.


Our physalis are grown in their native environment of the northern Peruvian Andes and are available all year around.

The presentations are:
- 60g clamshell, 20 clamshells per box
- 200g clamshell, 15 clamshells per box

We can also provide 5Kg boxes for industrial use and dehydrates.

Apples and Pears

Grown in Argentina and Chile, our apples are available from February to November depending on the variety.

The presentations are in boxes of 18Kg.


Grown in Argentina, our cherries are available from November to January.

The presentations are in boxes of 2.5Kg and 5Kg.


Our mandarins, oranges and lemons are grown in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, with a combined season from  April to September.

Our varieties for export are Navel, Valencia, W. Murcott, Honey Murcott, Clemenvilla and Minneola.

The presentation is 10Kg box for the mandarins, 15Kg box for the oranges and 18Kg for the lemons.


Grown in Peru, our pomegranates are available from March to May.

The presentation is in 3.8kg carton boxes.

Table Grapes

Our grapes are grown in Peru, Argentina and Chile, where the combined conditions allow us to harvest table grapes from October to April.

Our varieties for export are Red Globe, Autumn Royal, Thompson and Crimson.

The presentation is in 8.2Kg plastic box.


Our bananas, grown in Ecuador, are available all year around.

The standard presentations are in carton boxes of 14.0kg and 18.8kg, packed in hands or clusters.



Our green asparagus are grown in the fertile valley of Ica, Peru, where the conditions are optimum for achieving the highest quality and taste.

The presentations are:
- Bunches in 5Kg pyramidal box
- Wrapped bunches in 3.36Kg tray


Grown in the beautiful and peaceful landscapes of Argentina, our blueberries are available from September to January.

Our main presentations for export are 125g clamshells, 12 clamshells per box.